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North Myrtle Beach Community Information

The North Myrtle Beach community is one of strength and character.  It was originally inhabited by the Winyah and Waccamaw Indians.  These Indians called the area “Chicora,” meaning “the land.”  The Spanish were next to explore the North Myrtle Beach area as early as 1514, with Blackbeard’s pirates inhabiting the bays and inlets in the 1700s.  The Cherry Grove Beach area used to house flourishing indigo plantations; however, due to insufficient means to reach the North Myrtle Beach area, most of the beach remained uninhabited until 1900 when the first railroad was created by the Burroughs & Chapin families.  The county North Myrtle Beach is located in, Horry County, was named after a wealthy plantation owner and Revolutionary War General, Peter Horry.  

The North Myrtle Beach area has a rich heritage and has come a long way in developing itself into a top tourist destination today.  As both economic trends and the needs of the North Myrtle Beach area transform and change, you can be certain that the area’s heritage will remain just as important as the future growth of the North Myrtle Beach community.  Planned and sustainable growth will make for a community which will remain committed to strong character and increasing profitability.

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