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North Myrtle Beach Maps & Directions

Looking for directions to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina?  Need maps of the North Myrtle Beach area to help you get around town on your vacation?  Need more information on area airline companies and rental car companies?  Look no further.  Please use the following links to locate the information you need: maps, airlines, and rental car agencies.

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If you live on the East Coast and are driving to North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, the following are average drive times (based on an average of 50 mph) to North Myrtle Beach:

From Atlanta: 7 Hours
From Charlotte: 3.5 Hours
From Wilmington: 1.25 Hours
From Chicago: 18 Hours
From Cincinnati: 14 Hours
From Cleveland: 14 Hours
From Jacksonville: 7 Hours
From Knoxville: 8 Hours
From Louisville: 12.5 Hours
From Montreal: 20 Hours
From New York: 14.5 Hours
From St. Louis: 17 Hours
From Toronto: 19.5 Hours
From Washington, DC: 6.5 Hours