Promoting Advocacy for the North Myrtle Beach Area

The North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, CVB has a growing history of successful advocacy for the North Myrtle Beach area and the North  Strand of Horry County, SC.

Beginning with our successful $3.2 M 5-Year "Building North Myrtle Beach" Initiative dedicated to growing our destination market, diversifying our economy and building upon our growing technology, we have also led in the creation of the Coastal Chamber Coalition, bringing together the seven local chambers serving our two-state, 3- county region; providing leadership and funding to regional economic development; and working closely to unite government entities, area businesses, and other organizations to build a united voice for a progressive vision, for the growth of the North Myrtle Beach area .

What is BizUnite?

To assist us in advancing this mission, the chamber has established a Political Action Committee, BizUnite, officially known as the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, CVB "Building North Myrtle Beach" Political Action Committee (PAC).

The purpose of BizUnite is to support  candidates  and issues who/which  contribute to a  positive business  climate for the North Myrtle Beach business community and further advocate growing our NMB visitor  and  destination market and/or  diversifying our  economy.

What will BizUnite do?

BizUnite will endorse and make financial contributions to candidates (and issues) for elective offices at the local (city and county) and state levels.

Who Can Contribute?

Any individual or entity who is a member in good standing of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, CVB is eligible for membership in the PAC provided that the  individual's or entity's membership  in the  PAC is approved by the Board and the individual or entity makes a financial contribution to the PAC. This membership is an annual membership which terminates at the end of each calendar year.  Checks  must  be  written  to  the  North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, CVB, PAC.

How much can I give to  BizUnite?

Annual contributions for membership shall be in amounts no less than $100.00 and at the following levels:


$2,500 - $3,500


$1,000 - $2,499


$ 500 - $ 999


$ 250 - $ 499

Committee Member

$ 100 - $ 249

Is there  a limit to how much  I  can give?

Contributions from any one individual or entity shall not exceed $3,500  over  one calendar year  as  prescribed  by the SC Ethics, Government Accountability,  and Reform Act of 1991, as  amended.

Can the PAC accept cash  amounts?

The PAC will not accept cash contributions in any amount .

Will  PAC  contributions  be known?

State law requires PAC's to periodically identify its contributor and to disclose its expenditures. The periodic disclosure  reports are public records and available to the  public.


BizUnite endorses and/or contributes to strong candidates based on their stance on the issues important to our organization, a demonstrated ability to lead with diplomacy in advancing key initiatives, and a commitment to bettering the North Myrtle Beach community, Horry County, and State of South Carolina. More specifically, candidates and/or issues which advocate for growing our destination market and diversifying  our  economy,  as stated  in our purpose.

Who  Governs BizUnite?

As an affiliate of the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, CVB, the chamber's  board  has the ultimate authority over the PAC's existence. However, the chamber board has assigned the governance of BizUnite to the Board of Directors of the PAC.


For more information or to contribute, contact Marc Jordan,  President  & CEO of the  North Myrtle Beach  Chamber of Commerce, CVB at (843) 241-2108, or by e-mail at Marc@NorthMyrtleBeachChamber  .com.

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