North Myrtle Beach Invites Visitors to “Just Coast”

Posted by: Crawford on Friday, April 15, 2016 at 1:30:00 pm


Just Coast: Building a brand on research

After months of research and an extensive brand review, The North Myrtle Beach CVB has unanimously agreed on a marketing message that urges new and repeating visitors to "Just Coast."

Research* shows that visitors view the area as “relaxing,” “family-friendly” and “less crowded.” They describe the area as serene and beautiful, but still conveniently close to attractions and entertainment. These attributes make visitors quite loyal, with well over one-third visiting the area 10 or more times. That’s why North Myrtle Beach’s brand position is:


“North Myrtle Beach is a special collection of classic seaside communities, unexpected adventures, and relationship-fostering accommodations that make for the most relaxing beach vacation for the whole family.”


This brand position is brought to life and reinforced creatively through the “Just Coast” campaign. After all, in North Myrtle Beach no matter what kind of beach vacation you are looking for, you can have it all or you can relax and Just Coast.

Casual, but never sloppy, the North Myrtle Beach brand voice captures a welcoming community that invites generations of families, couples and groups from all over to visit and enjoy its surprising experiences, family-friendly accommodations and warm Southern hospitality.


“Just Coast” captures the casual, friendly and inviting personality of North Myrtle Beach. It urges you to simply step back, relax and let the captivating magic of this seaside community wash over you in a way that keeps you coming back for more, year after year.


Through the “Just Coast” campaign, visitors get a small taste of the intimate and familiar moments and special experiences that families and friends share when they step onto our sandy beaches or our lively main streets. Regardless of the type of experience you want, all you have to do to have a memorable vacation in North Myrtle Beach is, simply, just coast.

For campaign graphics to include in your own North Myrtle Beach marketing visit our Industry Partner page.

*Gray Research Solutions, 2016




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