Visitors Center Services – High Tech and “High Touch”

Posted by: Crawford on Friday, July 14, 2017 at 4:00:00 pm


Our Visitors Center is constantly seeking ways to communicate with our out-of-town guests and our local business and residential partners.


Last week, we installed a brand new Electronic Message Center (EMC) to better communicate with our many constituents. News and events will be posted in a timely fashion, along with any emergency or public service information.


More importantly, however, is our commitment to helping people. Last month, two young girls, traveling alone, found themselves sitting on the floor in our Visitors Center, feverishly texting and going through brochures for a place to stay.


Our staff came to the rescue of these wayward travelers. We first determined their need and if there were circumstances around their trip that we (or any concerned parent) might need to know. After looping their parents in, we helped find safe accommodations. Here’s the nice (and rare) handwritten thank you note we received; which reminded us why we do what we do!



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