Business Plan

This annual Business Plan for the North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, CVB, was adopted by the Board of Directors following a comprehensive process which included: input from members through a membership survey; feedback and accomplishments from program councils; and results of a two-day board of directors planning session featuring presentations on issues and trends impacting our members, community, and organization.
This business plan also includes action steps from “Building North Myrtle Beach 2.0,” a five-year Sustainable Growth and Prosperity Initiative adopted by the board in August 2016, noted by “BNMB2” in the plan. BNMB 2.0 follows the very successful BNMB plan which completed its initial 5-year period in mid-late 2016. BNMB 2.0 will run from 2017-2021 and its 5-year goal is $3.6 million dollars.
The chamber’s five strategic areas of focus, all addressed throughout the Business Plan are:

  • Grow the North Myrtle Beach Visitor and Destination Market
  • Diversify the North Myrtle Beach economy
  • Serve as the voice of business
  • Focus on our members
  • Communicate our story

In 2015, your board took a historic step when it founded and created BizUnite, the chamber’s Political Action Committee, governed by a separate board of directors, to support candidates and issues who contribute to a positive business climate for the North Myrtle Beach business community and further advocate growing our NMB visitor and destination market and diversifying our economy.

And, in late 2016, your chamber authorized the creation of “Citizens for a Better NMB,” a 501 (c) 4 organization, for the purpose of raising funds to meaningfully impact the political conversation in North Myrtle Beach, advocate the public on critical issues important to the chamber and business community, while providing a voice for those who wish to see North Myrtle Beach reach its full potential. The messaging would also strive to bring together a cross-section of business leaders and a large grassroots network to bring about measurable policy changes in North Myrtle Beach, in turn, positively impacting our community’s economy and quality of life.
These initiatives, developed and funded by the private sector through your chamber, will serve to strengthen our critically important advocacy role.

We invite you to join our leadership team of 2017-2018 as we collectively work towards achieving what noted business economist and consultant Peter Drucker said, “the best way to predict the future is to create it.”


Scott Ellis
Chairman of the Board  

Download the 2017 - 2018 North Myrtle Beach Chamber Business Plan
(pdf file; filesize=850 kb)

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