2018 Virtual Tabletop

Date: March 5, 2018 - March 31, 2018

Location: Virtual Event

The online registration as an exhibitor is closed.
If you are still interested to get a virtual booth, please contact
Claire Yoder, Vice President of Resource Development and Member Engagement
at (843) 361-3040 or

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Click here to register as an attendee and enter the virtual tabletop:

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We are happy to announce the 2018 North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce, CVB Virtual Tabletop Expo! The event will run March 5-31, 2018.

The Virtual TableTop Expo is an online event that allows your business to promote products and services, find employees, provide information, interact with potential customers and generate leads.

Why Virtual?

By registering to be an exhibitor this event, you get your own virtual booth with the following features:

  • Customize your booth with your company's brand.

  • Upload a video.

  • Add information about your company, products and services, which you can group in categories or sections:

    • Links to important pages on your website

    • Videos (already published on Youtube)

    • Text or html code

    • Images

    • Coupons

  • Announcements: discounts, updates, coupons, etc. This information will automatically be pushed to all the attendees of the virtual TableTop Expo. People don't have to stop by your booth to get these announcements, the platform will automatically push the information to all attendees of the event.

  • Live chat with attendees.

  • Calendar to allow attendees to book a meeting or schedule a live chat with you.

  • Contact form - allows attendees to email you directly.

  • Lobby - the entrance to the virtual event, displays the list of booths, the other sections of the virtual venue, and allows people to register as attendees.

  • Networking Lounge - allows attendees to see who else is in the virtual venue and interact with each other as wanted.

Once you register to be an exhibitor at this virtual event, we will help you build your virtual booth, upload information and navigate through all the tabletop features.

What Does It Cost?

Registration fee for members: $70 per booth.

Depending on the tier you are on, you get a discount or even the entire fee covered through tier benefits.

How To Register?

To register as an exhibitor click the registration button at the top.

Click here to download the list with the information exhibitors need to have on hand to create their virtual booth
(pdf document)

For more information contact Claire Yoder, Vice President of Resource Development and Member Engagement at (843) 361-3040 or


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