Green Plus Program

Green Plus Program

Green Plus™ Overview

Sustainability is a global trend, and its impact on profitability, consumer choices, investment strategies and the regulatory environment is growing at a rapid pace.

Green Plus™ is a program for America’s small businesses to help them become more sustainable. Developed by the Institute for Sustainable Development, Green Plus™ combines online tools with advice from other businesses and university partners to help organizations assess their business performance, as well as their environmental and community stewardship, and create sustainability plans.

Join Green Plus™ and gain access to affordable, practical expertise while assessing your organization’s performance, environmental and community stewardship, and creating sustainability plans to help you save and make money.

Green Plus™ Participants

Green Plus™ participants have access to the Green Plus™ online platform, connecting them to:

  • Green Plus™ Sustainability Diagnostic Tools
  • Advice from university partners and peer businesses
  • The Green Plus™ Sustainability How to Guide

Upon completing the Green Plus™ Diagnostic Tool, businesses will join the company of organizations working to become more sustainable by being listed online as a Green Plus™ Member.

Green Plus™ Certification

After Taking the Green Plus™ Sustainability Diagnostic Tool, businesses with an exceptional level of sustainability performance may earn a Green Plus™ Certification. Green Plus™ certification entitles participants to:

  • Display the Green Plus™ logo at their place of business and on their Web site
  • Publicity tied to the Green Plus™ program
  • Consideration for the Annual Green Plus™ Sustainable Enterprise Awards
  • National Business Directory recognition as a Green Plus™ Mover or Certified Green Plus™


Green Plus™ is now available at an introductory price of $350.00 for North Myrtle Beach Chamber Members. The Institute is developing Green Plus™ Solo™ specifically to help sole proprietors and entrepreneurs in the pre-venture phase improve their sustainability. The cost of a Green Plus™ Solo™ certification is $150.00 for North Myrtle Beach Chamber Members.

For more information on how to join contact:
Charlene Lynam
North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce CVB
(843) 281-2662 

Additional Green Plus™ Info

(919) 357-9992

North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Green Plus™ Members:

A&I Fire Water & Restoration
Avista Resort
Damon’s Grill
Elliott Realty
National Bank of South Carolina
Ocean Drive Beach & Golf Resort

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