North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce Affinity Programs

BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina

BlueCross BlueSheild of SC offers North Myrtle Beach Chamber members flexible options to build a health care plan that works for you.  Both individual and group health insurance plans are available.  For details contact Bubba Collins Insurance at (843) 280-2012 or Beach Benefits Insurance at (843) 663-5433.


Office Depot

Receive unbeatable discounts on your office supplies, office furniture, technology, copy/print and much more at Office Depot.  To enroll contact Vicki Keibler, Membership/Sales Director at (843) 241-2109.


Sam's Club

North Myrtle Beach Chamber members receive a $10 or $25 gift card when you sign up for a new Sam's Club membership or renew an existing membership.  To sign up contact Rich Frettoloso at (843) 448-3887.


Illinois Mutual Disability Insurance

How long could you live without a paycheck?  Illinois Mutual understands the importance of protecting your income in the case of a disabling accident or sickness.  That’s why the Chamber is offering this program to you through Illinois Mutual.  This program will help take care of your bills in the event you become sick or hurt and cannot work. For more information contact Chris Castanes with Surf Financial Solutions at (843) 283-3300.


Guardian Dental & Vision Plan

Dental benefits include no deductibles, no waiting periods, rollover benefits to the next year, local and national network.  Vision benefits include a $10 co-pay for annual exam and annual materials (glasses and contact lenses). You must have a minimum of 2 employees to participate.  For more information please contact Bubba Collins Insurance at (843) 280-2012.

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