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  1. Economic Development/Cooperation with the MBREDC - The North Myrtle Beach Chamber works closely with the Myrtle Beach Regional Economic Development Council to recruit businesses outside of the tourism industry with the main goal of establishing economic diversity and bring in quality young professionals to help run those businesses.
  2. Marketing Co-Op - With today’s tight economy, marketing your business has become a costly, yet necessary investment. The North Myrtle Beach Chamber offers affordable solutions such as various interactive media and e-mail blasts for our members.  The North Myrtle Beach Chamber sponsors on-line ads that link to a Travel Co-op page targeted to specific geographical areas.
  3. Advocacy/Lobbying/Governmental Affairs – The North Myrtle Beach Chamber ...
  4. Trainings and Seminars - The chamber provides regular training seminars on a variety of business-related topics.  The seminars are designed to communicate proven successful business ideas and practices.  They are available (for a fee) to chamber members and non-members. Seminars are presented in a classroom style environment and breakfast is always served.
  5. Affinity Programs:
    1. Office Depot Savings Program – This program, exclusively for North Myrtle Beach Chamber members, offers discounts on paper, copies and printing. Benefits also include over 196 other items at over 50% off, and members receive a 10% discount on promotional products.  There is no contract and no sign-on fee for members to participate.
    2. Blue Cross / Blue Shield Small Business Insurance Plan – BlueCross® BlueShield® of South Carolina and The North Myrtle Beach North Myrtle Beach Chamber of Commerce are pleased to offer North Myrtle Beach Chamber members the Business True BlueSM Plan headquartered in Columbia, S.C. BlueCross / BlueShield of South Carolina (www.SouthCarolina is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina and its family of companies include more than 20 subsidiaries involved in health insurance services, U.S. DoD health plan and Medicare contracts, and other insurance and employee benefits services.
  6. Legislative Web Page and Grass Roots Network - - The Chamber’s Legislative and Grassroots webpage, developed in partnership with the Free Enterprise Network (FEN), provides a forum where the chamber’s supporters can be educated on the issues that face our industry and allows them the opportunity to communicate their positions with elected officials; the Network is comprised of North Myrtle Beach Chamber members, business leaders, and individuals interested in keeping “in the loop” on current legislative issues.
  7. Renewable/Green Energy – The Chamber works hard to be an advocate and good steward for clean/green energy and conservation of resources through a variety of programs including advancements in wind energy and recycling. In 2013, the Chamber participated in a “waste audit” conducted by a local solid waste authority, and promoted and encouraged members to do the same. The Chamber also promoted the city’s beach access recycling program, again encouraging local residents to recycle when visiting area beaches.
  8. Community Events – The Chamber hosts a variety of community and special events, from holiday festivals to business-oriented events, which reach a multitude of audiences from local residents to visitors from the region, all in support and promotion of our membership.
  9. Building North Myrtle Beach - The private-sector driven plan is comprised of three strategies and a number of action steps to be implemented over the next five years: I. Grow the Visitor and Destination market.  Five year budget: $2.5 M II. Diversify the Local Economy & Employment Base.  Five Year budget:  $500,000 III. Equip the North Myrtle Beach Chamber to function as the focal point for growth & development and state-of-the-art business resource and Visitors Center.  Five year budget:  $500,000.
  10. “North Myrtle Beach Chamber Stars” Sponsorship Program – Introduced in 2008, this invaluable program offers members an opportunity to support their North Myrtle Beach Chamber as well as enhance their name in the community through various marketing venues; i.e. – Annual Membership Gala, Chairman’s Luncheon, Strategic Planning Retreat, festivals, seminars, etc.
  11. North Myrtle Beach Chamber leads program - The North Myrtle Beach Chamber leads program is an inexpensive and effective program. It is a great way for members to get in direct contact with individuals who are considering North Myrtle Beach for their future vacation plans.  Leads programs include: Vacation Inquires, Group Travel Inquires (including weddings, conventions, reunions, etc), Golf Inquires, Travel Agent Inquires, Real Estate/Relocation Inquires, Past Leads, and a Direct Mail Program.
  12. Sports Ambassador Program - In partnership with the City of North Myrtle Beach, we have created the North Myrtle Beach Sports Tourism Ambassador Program. This is a group of dedicated volunteers that you will find around North Myrtle Beach at various sporting events. Dressed in matching blue polo shirts, our ambassadors are easily accessible and always eager to answer questions and interact with the spectators. Special requests for Sports Ambassadors (outside of their normal responsibilities) will be taken in to consideration on a case-by-case situation.
  13. iDSS (Internet Destination Sales System)The 'search for lodging' has been taken to the next step. In hopes to streamline the 'RFP' process and free up the organizer’s time, we have adopted a system comprised of web-based applications that will increase the productivity and efficiency of 'group sales' and the 'RFP' process. Once the 'RFP' is completed, we will distribute to all partnering lodging providers through an online, secure partner interface. Lodging providers will be notified and will be able to upload customized proposals tailored to each event.
  14. NMB Sports Pass – The 'NMB Sports Pass' is distributed to all participating teams and their coaches. This will allow all of our traveling sports teams to receive exclusive discounts at area businesses. Businesses include but are not limited to restaurants, attractions, mini-golf and regular golf courses. This program has proven to be very beneficial to both the visitor and the participating businesses.
  15. Group Leads Program – Recently enhanced, the GLP has increased in participation by 75% in the past 9 months. This is an added service provided to membership located in the CVB’s geographic region. Partners receive detailed leads regarding Group Travel and Destination Weddings, which are generated through various marketing efforts.
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